What We Do

Our team of experts realizes it does not benefit any organization to be 100% compliant and not be able to perform their respective day-to-day functions.

To reduce any negative impact on operations, Comprehensive Compliance Concepts approaches each engagement as a team effort. We believe this concept is paramount to the success of any project.

An effective Compliance Program can positively impact revenue by identifying unrealized reimbursement due to incorrect coding and/or documentation.

Why not allow your compliance efforts to work for you?

Contact us to ensure your organization is receiving the correct reimbursement.

Background/Exclusion/Drug Screenings

Comprehensive Compliance Concepts (“CCC”) is your affordable and effective solution for background, exclusion, and drug screenings.  CCC employs state of the art security to ensure that confidential information remains private. Our clients’ confidence is our primary goal. You can be assured that the results of our screenings will contain accurate information.

Many companies can perform background and exclusion screenings; however, few can truly interrupt the results. CCC’s team of experts provide the necessary expertise to identify potential issues and offer solutions to reduce risk.  CCC is a worldwide provider of background and drug screenings.

Conducting a drug screening is a very personal and sensitive process.  CCC understands this and conducts its drug screenings in a professional and respectful manner.  We have thousands of collection centers world-wide to satisfy your needs.

CCC can design a program that reduces cost and increases efficiency.

Please contact us for our recommendations.

Comprehensive Compliance Concepts

(“CCC”) was founded with the intent to provide our clients with quality service in a cost-effective manner.  To accomplish this goal CCC’s fees are based on the quality of our work product.  If a client believes that CCC was not a valuable resource to their organization, then there is no charge for our professional services.

Our team members have been employed by some of the largest consulting firms in the country and believe hiring a consultant should not break the bank. To this point, our clients will not be charged the following type of fees; partner review, senior manager review, administration fee, copy fee, postage fee, etc.

Comprehensive Compliance Concepts compensation is based on quality, not time.


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